Ina Jansen
Wat als het lijntje breekt…. – EN
Wat als het lijntje breekt…. – EN

Wat als het lijntje breekt…. – EN

The line is thin.

Elaborating on something that already stands.

With a thin thread you might say.

The little line that is always there between Source and you.

It can happen, it can break.

It often happens in the first few minutes of a stress experience, where the bow has been stretched too long.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of making a mistake that would haunt you for life.

Fear of not being good enough.

Recently I experienced this again in a situation.

The centipede turned against me.

We had just booked a week of hiking in the Azores when she called that he had died. Our plane was supposed to leave in three days.

Everything comes together in this one moment. It’s TOO much and you want to be everywhere at once.

I take you with me, in the minutes that followed.

“You can only be in 1 place.”

I hear myself saying it out loud.

I felt myself sinking into my presence,

BEING in the moment,

In the infinite space.

I began to ask,

asking Source;

“what else is possible than this?”,

Then the Earth questions unfold.

What does she, (my friend’s partner), what does my friend want, what do I myself want, and what are the possibilities of flights.

Back to your essence, your nature, the light; being present there, letting go of control -and the plan unfolded.

Letting go, without thought or a word.

All fear, all judgments, confluence of opinions, indecision, all right reasons, everything holding you back, all calculations about how you would do GOOD.

Don’t analyze, just let go.

Like a leaf falling from the tree.

In the space of letting go let it be….

The smile came back,

the sun, the moon and the stars are always there.

Feeling that in your whole system.

I so wish it for you, too.

Do everything with attention,

your life is more than worth it,

Dare to ask.

You are love.

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