Ina Jansen
Healing Online

Healing Online

Do you……. seek your strength, the joy, the love in yourself?

Do you want to be fully devoted to your higher self and to the divine love within you?

Then I invite you to go on a journey with me.

In a session, we travel together in your energy. Where you may experience, where we may listen to what needs to be looked at and where you will receive a healing.

During a session I let myself be guided by my breathing. With this I let you feel how you can root yourself in safety. By saying your name and date of birth out loud, I connect with your energy and the journey begins. Fully in the here and now, you are present in your body and you will possibly start to experience the movement in your body and feel the energy flowing through it. Even if you do not experience anything at that moment, a lot is happening on a deeper level. From my heart I work together with my guide Adinda and her team of nature and light beings, angels, Mary Magdalene and Jeshua.

We work in a sacred space that I tune into for the session and have contact via skype/zoom before – and during – the session. The latter is not necessarily necessary. We discuss this beforehand. I use singing bowls, gemstones, essential oils, my shaman drum and sounds through my voice.

I lovingly invite you to step into your own experience. Love, new birth, initiations and your body wisdom are themes that often come up in my sessions.

Are you fully prepared to step into your own experience? YES

If you still have doubts, take a look under Pathways. A good start is half the battle…. to be fully prepared!

enjoy the video below….