Ina Jansen
About Ina

About Ina

…As a woman, child, mother, grandmother, lover, healer, helper, connector, I live in deep connection with Love, my own Love and Divine Love.

In the middle of nature in Portugal, I lived for years in a yurt, off grid, after I divorced the father of my children. Living with the rhythm of nature and the silence gave me depth without words. Years of self-healing, embracing pain. The connection with my guides was clear and my trust great. Thus I felt more and more my own Love and power of acceptance, which enabled me to let go from love. I lived the Love together with my Love and we made big journeys, physical and spiritual. In recent years I visited Egypt, Peru, Brazil, India, Spain and Poland. In this way I remembered healing methods, came into contact with shamans and participated in ceremonies. These experiences enriched my life and the repertoire of my practices.

In 2019, I definitely needed a studio space. I found this at the bottom of my current house in a beautiful valley, where I ended up living alone off grid. The relationship with my -partner-love took another shape. More than a year of physically putting my shoulders to the wheel and being completely independent followed. The whole house was “stripped”, as was my physical body; my self.

The place found me and I found the place, working together with the devas, the nature beings here on the land; that was my footing. I came deeper to my deepest fears in order to fine tune them. Fear of having to do everything alone, of being allowed to live without being responsible for the fear of others. Fear of being trapped in a world that is not mine and the eternal doubt about myself… “am I doing it right”. Pain also to be cut off from relationships that I love so much and also still the fear of shortage “will I be all right here on my own, in the back of a valley, in a country where I don’t quite know the language yet…”.

Asking for help is not my strongest side, through my drum, I easily make contact with the nature beings, these journeys gave me insight in myself on which healing took place, so that it became even more beautiful/better than you can imagine with your head!  I placed 1 line on my website for help with “clearing” the land/ burnt trees. And…..

The light brought me together with a love, whom I already knew from many different incarnations as well as my previous relationships. Being together from a higher perspective and doing Lightwork; visiting sacred places where there is an old connecting thread to be absorbed into our energy fields so that the memory can awaken and gates will open in the energy fields of the Sacred Earth to restore and bring them to a higher frequency. From unconditional Love and deep Heart awareness of the task. All this for the great turning point, the new Earth, where there will only be unconditional love and peace. This being together -and doing lightwork together- ended suddenly. After 7 months he left for the Netherlands.

In to me, I see….

Releasing old patterns, self-healing, also of relationships with men in this life and in previous lives. Healing the male and female in me. Coming home to myself even more. Coming home in Love for myself – and keeping my heart open for the other……in my blogs you can read more about me. 

I, too, cannot do it alone and dare to ask for help, both in my development path and physically at the place I am in.

Workaway and Neighbourhood work days are currently sources of Connection, Inspiration and Exchange. 


Ina in short:                       

* Born in 1967 ( Yellow Sun tone 1- Yellow Sun), the eldest in a family of three daughters, mother of five children ( 4 sons and 1 daughter) and grandmother of three grandsons. After 22 years of being together with the father of my children, we divorced and I followed my heart, the call of my soul. That is how I emigrated to Portugal.

From the age of 25, I immersed myself in alternative health care. By then I had already worked as an A-nurse for 7 years.

I started my first practice as a pedicurist at “t Stamphuus”. Soon foot reflexology/ energetic work, meditation courses, metamorphosis massage and full moon celebrations followed, in combination with (home) motherhood. In addition, I have always used Bach remedies and aromatherapy (essential oils) as well as breathing.

Nature, the attunement with it, is essential to me. I walk and cycle a lot. When I was six years old, I discovered the spinning wheel.

I spin wool, “life threads”, preferably from the fleece of the sheep. I knit, crochet, design and felt with the wool. You can find me at the markets in our region, often behind my spinning wheel. I love picking grapes in late summer and making grape juice from them. Harvesting olives, pruning trees, chopping wood and making fires. I get up with the sun and start the day with agnihotra (home therapy) and close the day with it as much as possible at sunset. Every morning I connect with the water and the creatures on the land.  I love rhythm, rituals. Every week I dance (5 rhythm dance) and sing (bhajans) together with others here in the community. In this way I keep my vibration high so that I can be pure INA.

I eat (organic) logically, preferably from my own garden.

“If everything had remained logical, biological would not even be a word”, I would often say to my children when they called me out again for being a biological mother….                                              

Thus I carry the light in myself and can be a channel for you to pass on.