Ina Jansen
Coaching with Encaustic art

Coaching with Encaustic art

You have a life question, a desire or a need for insight..

We start this session together with a meditation. This will support you to clarify your question. When your question is clear, we start making the wax drawing.

By feeling, intuitively, you may choose a number of wax crayons. Then, attuned to your energy, I will intuitively “draw and iron” with an iron.

As soon as the drawing unfolds under my hands, it is quite possible that feelings will arise spontaneously. Then something happens inside you…

When the magic has done its work, the drawing shows you what you are ready for at this moment, what may be looked at and possibly where new steps may be taken. Together we will take the time to talk and feel about this.

During the session we work in a sacred space created for you, which I guard, so that you feel safe to be present in full surrender. You may feel what presents itself, what is needed will arise without judgement.

I am energetically attuned to you and let the words that are whispered to me come through me. It is a co-operation with my own team and often also with your team of helpers and guides.

When we have an appointment online, you can follow everything through the camera.

There will be contact beforehand to discuss practical matters. The drawing will be sent to you, so that it can accompany you for a while in your process!