Ina Jansen
Cura Creativa

Cura Creativa

Pure, authentic, full of beauty and love, I inspire you and leave you breathless, touched to all your cells. Creating felt and spinning wool, an ancient meditative process which I combine with healing. The connection with nature and my guides are essential here. Finding the balance, Yin and Yang; life art of just being.

Spinning wool, creating life threads, is something I have done since childhood.

As Ina, as a child, sister, wife, mother and grandmother…as a healer and connector. Threads of love and light, ……

Everything is in you, so inside -so outside!

Finding the balance, that’s what I tell you about in this documentary. Life is a whole puzzle. I tell you about one piece of the puzzle…

“As a highly sensitive being, I was born to a couple of sweet parents who both knew and felt that there was more between heaven and earth. They were farmers on a beautiful estate. The relationships were disrupted in the family of both my father and my mother (visible and invisible), there was much unresolved trauma. My father became mentally ill, used violence towards my mother and a divorce followed; my mother left with the children…..”

“I stood by and watched…..”

Guilt, shame, money, illness and especially love were themes I felt as a ten-year-old girl – and I did not understand any of this. I wanted to understand it. From this time onwards, I was occupied with questions of life. Life questions, about illness, death, birth, relationships, communication. Especially in the “invisible”, behind the scenes and what and where is my place.                                                                                                                      -May I be?

With some regularity I came to the reformed church. I enjoyed singing, being together in the “invisible”- praying together; the connection with Divine Love. The first question that was asked during catechism, I was about 15 years old when….

” What does God look like to you? “To which I replied: “God, call it Love…”, is in all of us, in everything that lives, in everything that has a soul, in nature, in the apple that lay on the table in front of me. In this setting, with this minister, in conversation, without dogma – I experienced confirmation of the light in myself.

Separated from my father, I lived my life until I read the story of Moses, in preparation for the children of the children’s church where I was leader. I felt a call in myself, like Moses, the courage in myself. I picked up the telephone and called my father when I could come over.  The reunion was there.

In this way, I can continue to tell about the “calls” in my life, who I followed and which ones I did not, the puzzle pieces that together form NOW (the puzzle). These can be read on the about me page and in my blogs.

They are just stories that have led to where I am NOW – where I have let go in love and can receive more and more in love.

Just …. because I am living my mission!

” Supporting men and women on their journey here on earth. Sharing experiences and feelings by simply living life to the fullest, in love and simplicity. Creating a loving world together. Where there is life, from unconditional love in beauty”.

Finding balance, in love and simplicity, that is what healing is about. It is not a trick or a concept. Everyone can and may heal themselves, someone else can never do that for you. With my inner knowing, intuition – and all healed themes in this life and past lives, I am a bridge builder for the new earth. During a healing session we connect with our guides, Mother Earth and the Universe. Through breathing, in meditation, we increase your energy together and I let you focus on your higher self, so you can receive the answers and healing may come to the pieces you just couldn’t reach.

I live in a beautiful valley in Portugal completely off grid. A small – gnome- house with a studio space. On my Instagram you can find a short impression/video of the valley….

Once a month, I sit behind my spinning wheel at the local market. As the wheel grinds, we sometimes exchange words, or not. In the silence, you can hear everything, just be.

There I met a young couple from Brazil. She was particularly interested in the handmade shawls, gloves, furs, wool etc. that I offered for sale in my stalls. He took a picture and brought along my business card. Over a month later an email came in asking if they could stay with me on the quinta for a week as workaway people and his offer was to take photos and even a video of my work.  I was just doing the training of erik verhagen, manifesting with your awareness practice. It was mainly about becoming visible. I had sent the question into the universe, partly still unconscious, “who can take good quality photos of me here in this place doing my work?  How surprising it was then to receive an email with this question from two beautiful people. We had beautiful conversations in English, Brazilian and Portuguese, did healing sessions, cooked together, worked on the land and made pictures. The light was central. Light and recordings work very closely together! It was in November, just daylight enough, to adjust the time of shooting. Thanks Cesar and Tathi.