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Je pijn omarmen – EN
Je pijn omarmen – EN

Je pijn omarmen – EN

How are you?

I suddenly thought of you. Do you also have so many things happening in your life, in your body and do you feel everything? You are always putting your own problems on hold, so that you no longer feel yourself and start to doubt. You want to do it all right for everyone.

No small thing to keep to ourselves!

All that movement, both outside and inside ourselves.

So many dissenters, so many opinions.

Literally, your head gets filled with all kinds of concoctions and you get distracted from your mission, what makes you happy. You become entangled in old patterns and that which you did not want happens. You lash out at others, from your pain. You know, it is yours. You continue with what you have to do. You are good at that, going on alone, with so much “to do”. Here you ignore yourself, what your body is telling you.

Which IC do you live….

You long for healing or a connecting conversation with someone who really hears and sees you. You know deep inside that you are here on Earth now to make the transition to the new world. And if you are just yourself, living your true self, your own IC, then it is all so much easier. For you and the people around you.

That love-filled world will come. Why do you wait any longer?

What is stopping you from doing your thing, living your dream, doing what makes you happy? Is there a doubt, a not knowing, a pain that you may embrace?

We live in a time when everything really comes to the surface, you feel that too. Not only the shit, but also the light.

The light in you wants to shine.

“Your soul really wants you to listen to your higher Self despite what your head thinks”.

You get signs on your path in nature or the angels let you know they are with you by showing the double numbers or other synchronicities.

Its energy moves you. Its grandeur can frighten you.

So do it, out of that comfort zone….. You can do that yourself, indeed only you can do that, no one else.

You don’t have to and you can do it quickly.

It is up to you, what do you think you are worth. The road you have travelled has been long enough. My road has been long too, people who have known me all my life know that.

And yes, letting go hurts.

I went for it 100 per cent;

* Living in love and harmony with a sweet beautiful man, here at Quinta tres Pontinhas in Portugal. Opening gates together, that came naturally, just like together from the first day we saw each other, from the flow *

Gates within us have also been opened, I feel that in everything. I have come into many old lives and was allowed to heal them.

I am deeply grateful for the light, the Divine love, which brought us together and which enabled us to let go of each other with compassion for the other.

I embrace my pain. For it is more than worthy of my love…..

Do you also feel that it is time to connect one hundred percent with the light in you and the Earth. So that you can go on doing what your soul is longing for.

-You radiate and feel this power in your sweet body.

-You can go on again, doing what you came here to do on Earth with an open heart, in connection.

-You receive confirmation, trust and encouragement.

Take that first step for yourself, out of Love that you are more than worthy of!

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